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Yoga is a 5000-year-old Indian body of knowledge. Though many think of yoga only as a physical  exercise where people twist, turn, stretch, and breathe in the most complex ways, these are actually  only the most superficial aspect of this profound science of unfolding the infinite potentials of the  human mind and soul.

When your routines start bogging you down and the idea of lingering a little longer in downward dog  begins to sound more and more appealing, you may be ready for a yoga retreat. From intensive practice-driven getaways, to relaxing holidays with a little stretching on the side, yoga retreats come in all sorts of packages. A yoga retreat is the antidote. It’s as if retreats help us to ‘re-wire’ to our best self.

At AndThen, we carefully put together each Yoga vacation to make sure the essence of Yoga remains  and that our guests can go home enriched by the overall experience. Each of our retreats are handcrafted from the ground up to offer you a yoga retreat like no other. Our  small team of experts combine yoga with in-tune guides, local culture, incredible food and inspiring adventure. Best of all, the adventure always goes down at one of our hand-picked, off-the-beaten path destinations amidst breath-taking natural beauty.

From smartphones to sat navs, our lives are full of screens. We wake up to them, we come home to them, and we carry them around in our pockets all day. So perhaps it’s unsurprising that experts are warning that this constant exposure could be damaging our health. Our ability to stay balanced in this time of exponential technological growth, and create healthy relationships with our digital devices, will determine the future of humanity. Put aside your digital arm, gain perspective, and re-emerge with new found inspiration, balance and connection.


Personalised Service

Each traveller is different and their needs unique. We customize our service for you to ensure your  experience with us is as unique as you are and your needs and expectations are met effectively and  efficiently

Hand Holding

Visiting a new place or trying out a new experience could some times be overwhelming. From the time you start your journey with us to the end of your trip, we will be with you holding your hand and making sure you are comfortable and relaxed.

End To End Customer Care

From the moment of truth to the realisation of your dream journey, and through every step of it, we  will be there with you. With our expertise and personalised service, we will plan, discuss, execute and  support your journey with you.

Local Support

Experience little known delights and get a taste of the true local flavour with our local experts. Our  experts will provide you support through out your trip and ensure language and cultural barriers don’t stand between you and a wonderful experience.


Don’t just see a mountain or visit a museum, experience the place. Immerse yourself in the journey and become a part of the place you visit with curated experiences that satisfies all your senses in harmony.

Never Feel Stranded

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Wondering why yoga retreats are so popular? Because of all the amazing benefits that come from going on a retreat of course!

Practice Mindfulness

A big reason to go on a yoga retreat is to finally be conscious of the moment you’re in and increase mindfulness. We can often find ourselves living in the future as we plan ahead, and in the past as we feel with what has happened throughout our lives. On a yoga retreat, you can finally just BE.

Have A Unique Experience

Every retreat is different, even if you return to the same place. The other people and your frame of mind at the time will never be the same again. Booking a yoga retreat will always result in a unique experience, and each retreat will be different as you continue to grow within yourself.

Learn To Meditate

The traditional benefit of yoga was instilling the mind, and going on retreat will allow you to focus on this more deeply. Instead of emerging relaxed from a class back into your busy home life you can carry that calmness with you throughout the rest of the day, and the retreat in general. A yoga retreat will give you a space to meditate fully, without any distractions.

See Beautiful Destinations

Let’s face it, yoga retreats usually take place in beautiful places around the world, whether it’s the beaches of Maldives, the temples in India, or the Himalayas. A yoga retreat is like getting two for the price of one, with a vacation in a beautiful place combined with an experience that benefits you on a deeper level.

Take Time For Yourself

We give so much of ourselves in our daily lives that it can be difficult to really take a moment just for ourselves. While you can meet some amazing people on retreat, you can also use it as an opportunity to be alone. Wellness travel is all about taking that time for yourself, and is a top reason to go on a retreat!


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